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Routes - Enquiry


Individual enquiry


Please enter your starting point and destination here. The fastest way is to enter the vehicle registration code for the particular town or city. As soon as you enter the first letter, the program offers you a useful list of suggestions from which you can choose. The more letters you enter, the more precise the list you will be offered.

If you have Any as the setting, you can enter all the information you have about the starting point or destination in succession in the input field.

The start and destination can also of course be selected using the Ticket Function program – click on the blue symbol next to the input field.

Using the Add Intermediate Station button, you can specify up to two stops or stations to be included in your journey.

If you activate Alternative Stops at Start and Destination, any further appropriate variations in your journey will be displayed.

If you want to use routes to other parts of Germany outside Hesse, select the Germany-wide Search flag. You will then be referred to the Delfi information system operated by the federal states and DB including long-distance services.
Start and destination
Bitte nutzen Sie die Links "Diese Verbindung drucken" oder "Alle Verbindungen drucken" um Karten zu drucken.
Stations en route  


Individual enquiry


Enter the date and time you require here. The current date and time (CET) are pre-programmed. Decide whether the time displayed is that of your departure (default setting) or your arrival. You can also select the date using the handy calendar provided.
Date and time


Individual enquiry


You can choose here between various service combinations and modes of transport. These combinations may incur different fares.

Please note when making your selection:
The All Services default setting also includes ICE long-distance trains in the route selection. RMV fares are not valid for ICE services; hence, we are unable to provide information on fares. Holders of DB season tickets can purchase long-distance supplementary tickets from Deutsche Bahn for their ICE season ticket which they can then use on RMV services. Please note: Severely disabled passengers with a pass and token are not entitled to use ICE services free of charge.

The All Services and All Services excl. ICE options include IC and EC long-distance trains in the route selection. RMV single tickets are not valid on IC and EC long-distance trains; hence, we are unable to provide information on fares. Holders of RMV weekly, monthly or annual season tickets as well as JobTickets can purchase surcharge tickets from Deutsche Bahn which they can then use on IC and EC long-distance trains. Please note: Severely disabled passengers with a pass and token are not entitled to use IC or EC services free of charge.

The local public transport option includes all services operated by companies affiliated to the transport network. Essentially, these include local rail services (RB, RE), S-Bahn and underground services, trams, buses, AnrufSammelTaxis (ASTs), AnrufLinienTaxis (ALTs) and Rufbuses. Please note: Severely disabled passengers with a valid pass and token are entitled to travel free of charge throughout the RMV area on all local transport services in the network. Further information for passengers with limited mobility.

When using the Delfi information system for making Germany-wide Searches, please note that the transport information always includes the ICE and IC/EC routes.

For detailed information, please note: Our conditions of carriage and fare regulations apply.
Modes of transport


Individual enquiry


As it is not always possible to travel directly from departure point to destination, the system is pre-programmed to display journeys which involve a number of changes. Choose from the lists the maximum number of changes you would like to make and if applicable a longer delay between changes.


Routes on foot to first stop and from last stop

Individual enquiry


If you have not selected a route from stop to stop, you can set the distances to the respective stops here. These options are available for passengers on foot, cyclists and drivers.
You can make use of the various options when you enter addresses or tourist attractions as your starting point or destination and/or use the "Bike plus Bus & Rail" or "Car plus Bus & Rail" information pages.
Routes on foot to stop
On foot:
By bike:
By car:
HAFAS 5.34.RMV [P]. [P]. - 26.10.14 - Datenstand: Fahrplan: 24.10.2014 05:51 Tarif: 3311g

069 / 24 24 80 24
RMV Service Hotline - there for you 24/7!