A story of success: RMV sets the pace for the region

It was in May 1995 that Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV or Rhine/Main Regional Transport Association) was established and one of Europe’s largest and most efficient transport associations set about its work.

One fare throughout the network

RMV passengers travel on bus and rail services with just one ticket throughout the entire network covered by the association and right through to neighbouring networks. In 1995, the RMV ticket replaced more than 100 different ticketing systems in the network area at one go.

Continuous quality improvement

The shareholders of the RMV – 26 districts and major cities as well as the state of Hesse – have been gradually expanding transport services, improving connections at the intersections and intensifying passenger information.

They opened up the transport market by tendering for services on a Europe-wide basis. The aim was - and still is - to improve quality for the general public at less cost while increasing the services on offer.

More than 808 million passengers a year

Agreements with neighbouring networks have ensured that RMV’s borders are more permeable, so that - as well as the area’s five million inhabitants - almost two million people can also travel with ease through the RMV fares structure. More than 809 million people a year now travel with RMV.