Customer information at RMV

Only when customers have all the information they need about the local transport services on offer will they be able to make optimum use of the wide range of RMV products and services. That’s why the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) regards customer information as a personal service it provides for its passengers. Its information system is supported by four pillars:

  • Traditional print media 
  • Electronic communication
  • One-to-one dialogue
  • Press/media work

Traditional print media at RMV

Every year when the timetables change, RMV issues one regional and 15 local timetable guides which are available from mid-December from all RMV sales outlets. S-Bahn and railway network maps are also available in small pocket-sized format through to poster size. Moreover, RMV regularly publishes up-to-date brochures and leaflets with information on fares, new products and leisure offers. “RMV mobil”, the customer magazine, is published two or three times a year.

RMV communicates electronically

Fast, comprehensive and user-oriented: RMV’s internet portal has developed from an electronic timetable information service into the network’s most comprehensive knowledge platform. Information can be accessed which has been pre-sorted for target groups such as commuters and cyclists. Like a panoramic window, the website opens up so that users can spot regional leisure offers and keep up-to-date with current events. The site also serves as an interactive sales window for tickets, a mobile RMV portal for mobiles phones and a personalised service: “meinRMV”. However, the website proves its added value mainly with its route-planning feature - which has achieved nationwide recognition as an exceptional online service - specifically designed for those with limited mobility and providing a comprehensive stock of knowledge and addresses as well as with its editorial area which is updated daily. Rounding off the offer are dynamic timetable displays for your own screen or even for your own website, an online newsletter and special headlines for young passengers.

RMV provides one-to-one customer contact

Making contact with its customers in person is important to RMV. That’s why RMV is continuing to expand its network of mobility centres in the network area in future as well. Staff at the existing 24 mobility centres and mobility info points provide one-to-one advice to RMV passengers on all aspects relating to RMV. If you would like to purchase an RMV season ticket or timetable guide, you can do it in person both at the mobility centres or at one of the many RMV sales outlets throughout the network area. The RMV customer service line provides timetable information right around the clock on 069 / 24 24 80 24.

RMV’s press and media work

The daily press reports regularly on the latest events in local passenger transport. To do this, RMV provides a continuous supply of press releases to newspapers and radio and TV stations. It informs its customers about new products and promotions through adverts on radio and TV as well as advertising in newspapers and magazines.