Competition at RMV

Regional trains on tracks at Frankfurt Central Station with passengers on the platform

(© RMV - Jana Kay)

According to the Local Public Transport Services in Hesse Act, RMV is responsible for the contracting and commissioning of regional transport services. As part of the “Hesse Competition System”, since 2003 all bus and rail local passenger transport services have been commissioned to transport companies by means of Europe-wide tender procedures.

RMV stipulates the parameters including the operating programme, vehicle specifications and fares and sales/marketing requirements in the tender documents. During these procedures which are officially regulated by procurement legislation, the transport companies are then invited by RMV to submit a bid for the stipulated transport service. After the bids have been examined and evaluated, the commissioning process is completed with the acceptance of the most economical bid which provides the best quality. RMV concludes a transport service contract with the winners of the tender which covers a period of several years.

To summarise, it can be said of the “Hesse Competition System” that improved quality and quantity of traffic services, modern and environmentally-friendly rail stock and buses have been achieved through the issuing of tenders as well as greater cost-effectiveness and diversity of suppliers.