Quality management at RMV

The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) has established quality standards for its entire range of products and services. These are mandatory for all companies who are contracted to provide transport services for RMV. Not only do they cover objective criteria, such as punctuality, reliability of connections and modern vehicles, but they also cover “soft” factors, such as safety, cleanliness and service.

As part of a quality offensive, RMV together with its partners has developed a system of quality assessment and evaluation in order to improve the services provided in the long term. Here, all the specified quality parameters are integrated into a monetary evaluation system. This data is captured through customer surveys, empirical sampling and analysing existing performance data. In simple terms, this means that a company receives bonus points for very good service delivery and minus points for bad service delivery. At the end of the year, RMV either pays a bonus to the respective company or the company has to pay a penalty to RMV.