RMV as mobility service provider

The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) regards itself as a mobility service provider whose regional transport products and services are closely interrelated with local transport services in cities, towns and local districts in the area covered by the RMV network. RMV is committed to providing intelligent connections with a diverse variety of services appropriate to the changing needs of its customers in order to deliver the very best in transport services from door to door.

RMV sees this approach as being one of integration rather than limitation. As a result, private transport is integrated into its mobility concept in the form of passengers’ own cars, car-sharing offers and bicycles - in the “bike&business” project, for example. Shipping lines and taxi companies are also RMV partners. By offering products and services aimed at specific target groups, for example, in the evenings, at weekends and in the summer months, RMV straddles customers’ transport needs between work and leisure.

Not a frontier but a meeting point: the crossover from private transport to local public transport

Often, a journey only becomes efficient when it combines a wide variety of modes of transport. That’s why, RMV ensures that the crossover points from private to public transport are usefully designed, for example, with Park&Ride spaces, “Kiss&Ride stop-offs” and bicycle parking spaces. Before leaving, you can check out the current departure times for bus and rail services on your mobile or online. Purchasing tickets by mobile phone is also possible throughout the RMV network. Departure boards advise in real time on connections at stations and stops. If you decide to cover part of your journey by car or bicycle, you can find out the latest information as it will affect you from RMV as well. And if you want to take your bicycle with you on the train, it’s free of charge.

More information gets you further

Many more travellers than is generally assumed need extra information for their journey, for example, about disabled access at stations, where to find ramps and lifts and the reliability of connections for passengers with limited mobility. The timetable information on this website helps you out here and represents a milestone in integrated travel planning throughout Germany.