RMV’s transport planning and infrastructure

The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) does not have its own rail network. Nevertheless, it provides an impetus in the region as an intermediary and creative force in key transport issues.

Rail services

For example:

  • The construction and development of new and existing routes
  • The development of station hubs and new safety equipment in order to optimise the Integrated Timetable System with its 15/30/60-minute service provision
  • The modernisation of stations, in particular to support disabled access, subjective safety and greater integration with other modes of transport
  • The construction of new stations

Through its capacity for tendering for transport services, RMV is also able to stipulate the use of the latest vehicles to provide considerably greater comfort.

Bus services

RMV also provides an impetus for infrastructure for bus services so that:

  • Bus services are efficiently coordinated with rail services
  • Service networks are improved
  • A design concept for bus stops is implemented
  • The latest, environmentally friendly and disabled access vehicles are used