Division of responsibilities at RMV

Local passenger transport in Hesse is supported at three levels: at policy-making level, at executive level, where Hesse’s transport associations operate, and at company level, where the transport services are provided as contracted by the transport associations. The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund [Rhine/Main Passenger Transport Association] functions as a regional service contractor at executive level. It also has an intermediary role between the policy-makers and the transport companies. RMV collaborates on a partnership basis with local organisations at the executive level (Local Passenger Transport Organisations or LNOs).

This three-tier model illustrates the integration of RMV into the organisational structure of the local passenger transport sector.

Three-tier model

The essential requirements, such as decisions about the services offered or the fares system, are dealt with at the policy-making level. The executive level (i.e. RMV and LNOs) implement the political requirements.

Transport operators - for example, a company providing rail transport or a bus company contracted to provide services - are bound to RMV or the LNOs as service providers at company level by a transport contract. The companies in the RMV network area act independently in carrying out their responsibilities and in terms of their operational organisation in providing services.