The most important things to know about the 9-Euro-Ticket

The 9-Euro-Ticket is now available for the summer months of June, July and August 2022. With the 9-Euro-Ticket, bus and train travel on local public transport will only cost 9 euros per month – for everyone, everywhere in Germany.

The most important things to know about the 9-Euro-Ticket

  • FAQ about the 9-Euro-Ticket

  • The 9-Euro-Ticket is a special offer for local public transport in Germany. Anyone who is interested can buy tickets for the months of June, July and August 2022. The tickets are valid for all bus and second-class train journeys on local public transport throughout Germany. The ticket costs 9 euros for each month.

  • Ticket purchase questions

  • New customers can buy a 9-Euro-Ticket at RMV Mobility Centres and at ticket machines

    Sales via the RMV app started on June 1st. Please note that you must use the latest version of the RMV app (version 2.13.0) to purchase the 9-euro ticket.

  • The 9-Euro-Ticket is valid for a single month and expires automatically at the end of each month.

  • Questions about validity

  • The 9-Euro-Ticket is valid on local public transport all across Germany, including buses, trams, underground trains and as well as on commuter rail, regional trains and regional express trains in second class. Please note, that the 9-Euro-Ticket is not valid on long-distance services operated by Deutsche Bahn, or on services operated by private transport companies such as Thalys or Flixbus/Flixtrain.

  • The 9-Euro-Ticket is a personalised ticket and is not transferable.

  • The 9-Euro-Ticket scheme runs in June, July and August. During this period, your ticket is valid for the calendar month in which you bought it. For example, if you wait until June 20, 2022 to buy the June ticket, it costs 9 euros and is valid until 30 June 2022. If you want to travel in July, you will need to buy another 9-Euro-Ticket, and the same for August. It costs 9 euros.

  • Children under the age of 6  travel free of charge in the RMV-area. Children from 6 years can also buy and use the 9-Euro-Ticket. There is, however, no special children’s ticket.

  • Questions about use

  • Either the existing time card (chip card eTicket or paper version) or the personalised 9-Euro-Ticket (paper ticket or app) and, if requested, an official photo ID. The check is carried out electronically or via visual inspection.

  • For the period of validity of the 9-Euro-Ticket, a special regulation applies to the  RMV 10-minute guarantee. All annual passes (adult annual season ticket and 9-o'clock annual season ticket, Hesse senior citizen ticket and Hesse senior citizen comfort ticket, Schülerticket Hessen and CleverCard, Long-distance supplementary ticket), JobTicket and FirmenCard, the LandesTicket Hessen and the SemesterTicket will be equal in price to the 9-Euro-Ticket. As a holder of these tickets, you cannot make use of the RMV 10-minute guarantee in the period from 1 June to 31 August. For single-, daily-, weekly- and monthly tickets at the regular RMV fare, the RMV 10-minute guarantee remains unchanged.

  • The 9-Euro-Ticket is non-refundable and not transferrable.

  • Yes. Bicycles can be taken along free of charge on RMV. However, it can be limited in time by the transport companies. In principle, the transport regulations of the respective transport association in which you are travelling apply. Please check with the responsible companies on site before starting your journey.

    Please note: Passengers without bicycles, with wheelchairs or prams always have priority for transport. In case of doubt – especially in the event of capacity bottlenecks – the driving staff will decide whether you may take your bicycle with you.

  • No, it is not possible to buy a supplementary ticket to the 9-Euro-Ticket.

  • Yes, your statutory passenger rights still apply. Please note, however, that in accordance with the legal regulations for heavily discounted season tickets, the payment limit cannot be reached for proportional fare compensation (4 Euro de minimis limit), as a maximum of 25% (2.25 euro) of the season ticket price actually paid (9 euro) can be compensated in the period of validity. 

  • Questions for season ticket holders

  • For season ticket holders, the usual RMV prices apply from 1 September.

  • Yes! During the corresponding three months, job tickets and company tickets, as well as semester tickets, can take advantage of the "9-Euro-Ticket" services without any further action on the part of the ticket holder (valid throughout Germany). You will receive the exact regulations regarding your job ticket price/semester ticket price from your company or /your university/your AStA.

  • No, the time restriction is completely removed during the promotional period. This means that your ticket is valid in June, July and August, both within its area of validity and throughout Germany, around the clock.

  • The difference between the regular price and the 9 euros will be refunded to the respective contractual partner. The customer must contact the Asta who issued the customer’s ticket.

  • Should you need to cancel your annual ticket subscription, you will not lose anything: The remaining credit will then be automatically transferred to your account.

  • There is no change to the rules covered by the ticket even outside the promotion, for example, for taking bicycles or people with you. However, season tickets are valid nationwide in 2nd class on local transport during the promotional period. You do not have to make any changes to your subscription.

  • The following applies to season ticket holders (adult annual season ticket (subscription), 9-o'clock annual season ticket, Schülerticket Hessen on a subscription basis and Hesse senior citizen ticket on a subscription basis): You benefit automatically – you do not have to become active yourself. If the full amount is still debited with the next direct debit, the next direct debit is automatically reduced accordingly.

    Please note: If you were still charged the standard price in June, you will only be charged 9 euros in July, August and September. This also applies if you have a SEPA advance notice with a higher amount for these months. Please do not issue an instruction for a return debit note. A return debit note can lead to the issuance of a reminder and reminder fees.

     In the case of annual direct debits, the temporary price reduction will be taken into account in the next direct debit, possibly in 2023. (depending on the annual debit date for your subscription).

    Example for the calculation of the difference amount: You have bought an annual season ticket with direct debit once a year for 1000 euros. For June, July and August, you do not pay a quarter of the annual ticket price (i.e. 250 euros in the example), but only 27 euros (three times 9 euros). After the end of the promotional period, the contractually agreed price will apply again for all.

    Should your subscription for your Annual Pass expire during the promotional period, the difference arising from the debit of the regular monthly amount for the promotional month concerned will be credited and transferred to you.

  • The following applies to Annual Pass holders without a season ticket (“Jahreskarte”, “9-Uhr-Jahreskarte”, “Schülerticket Hessen”, “Seniorenticket Hessen”): If you have an RMV AnnualPass that you purchased directly by means of a one-off payment ( or EC debit card payment), you must take action yourself! You can apply for reimbursement of the difference between the regular monthly price of the RMV annual travel pass and the “9-Euro-Ticket” via the online application at

    Example for the calculation of the differing amount: You have bought an RMV Annual Pass by means of a one-off payment for 1200 euros. For the months of June, July and August, you will be charged the difference between the regular monthly price, i.e. three-twelfths of the annual ticket price (three times 100 euros = 300 euros), less 27 euros (three times 9 euros). As a result, the refund amount is 273 euros (300 euros less 27 euros).

    The online application is expected to be activated in the first half of July. Online applications can be submitted up to and including 15 September 2022. Due to necessary plausibility checks, the processing of all refund applications will start from 16 September 2022.The payment of approved reimbursement amountstakes place in the period from the end of September to November by the responsible contractual partner via bank transfer and can, in individual cases, continue until the end of the current year

  • In accordance with section 3.3 of the Special Conditions for the 9-Euro-Ticket existing customers are entitled to a refund of the fare for their existing Annual Pass.

    For subscription holders, the refund is made via automatic debit of the amount reduced to 9.00 euros. - You do not have to do anything yourself.

    Annual pass holders without a subscription must take action themselves. It is expected that, in the first half of July, a new website will be launched at to apply for the refund of the differing amount.

Please note the obligatory wearing of masks on buses and trains.