Mobility training courses in your area

Senioren mit Rollator steigen in einen Bus.


With public transport, everyone can travel just as efficiently and flexibly. Be it, for example, shopping, or going on a trip. Unfortunately, the mobility facilities for older people or travellers with restricted mobility are sometimes prevented thanks to various obstacles such as operating the ticket machine, boarding the bus, or security concerns.

However, many of these hurdles can be easily overcome through knowledge and experience. For this reason, mobility training courses are regularly held in the RMV area.

At irregular intervals, traffiQ organises mobility training in Frankfurt on safe behaviour and how to get on and off buses and trains - also for users of rollators. In addition, training courses are also offered on - how to operate RMV ticket vending machines. Both offers are presented to you in co-operation with the Frankfurt police headquarters. Here, you will find further information on Mobility in Frankfurt (only in German).

In the Rollator training from the Hanauer Straßenbahn GmbH people with a rollator can practice safe bus driving. Those of you interested feel free to contact the Seniorenbüro: Tel. (0 61 81) 6 68 20 50-0.

The Deutsche Bahn AG Untermainbus offers a free bus training for older people: Practical exercises are carried out during a test drive. The contact person here is Thomas Gärtner, Tel. (0 60 21) 33 92 39.

In co-operation with transport companies, Stadtwerke Marburg and Marburger Verkehrsgesellschaft regularly organise mobility training courses on request, which cater for different needs. Enquiries can be made to the RMV mobility centre of Stadtwerke Marburg, Tel. (0 64 21) 2 05 - 228.

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