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Our team: always on

For you to always be up to date on what is happening - and running - we keep you posted via Tweet: The current transport notifications are available at

For service requests, new offers and exciting events, just follow us at Sarah, Dörte, Christoph and Marco from our Social Media Team would be happy to help you there. Namely, Monday to Friday 6 – 20 hours and Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 8 – 20 hours.

An introduction to our team

RMV on Facebook

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Questions? Suggestions? Info on current traffic, on promotions and events? Live and personal. With advice and tips.

All about the RMV: @RMVdialog

Coupons and promotions:@RMV smiles

RMV on Twitter

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At any time and everywhere up to date: All current transport notifications and timetable changes are in real time on Twitter.

Current campaigns and promotions: @RMVdialog

Traffic info:@RMVinfo

Our channels in overview

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Get an overview about the RMV channels in the Social Web and learn more over our Info offer.

Our channels in overview


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We look forward to an open exchange, to interesting and important notifications – and to a friendly and matter-of-fact conversational tone with each other.

For a friendly atmosphere

Information on the service

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You can obtain information here about the protection of your personal data and response to your queries on Twitter.

Service Information