Information for wheelchair users and people with walking difficulties

If you go for the Journey Planner for accessible travel (only in German) you can have a barrier-free travel chain put together, according to your special requirements. In order to do this, you must specify your requirements concerning the search for a connection. You can use one of the preset profiles under "Options for an accessible travel chain". Alternatively, you can click on the button "Individual Settings" to display all attributes and make your own settings.

The "wheelchair user" profile largely uses the values and settings that are common in the various guidelines and standards for the barrier-free design of buildings and public transport.

For the profile "Wheelchair user with assistant" it somewhat offers lighter requirements. This profile is based on the assumption that the assistant helps wheelchair users to get through a step and a wider gap and to use steeper ramps.

If you select a profile and then click on "Individual settings", the profile's default settings will be displayed.

If you have clicked on the "Individual settings" button, several attributes will be displayed, which you can change individually according to your individual needs. Please take into account as per your individual settings, that a gap width of about 15 cm is to be assumed for suburban train journeys - however, a ramp is carried along in every vehicle.

You can find an overview of further information on stations and stops by clicking on the respective name of the station in the results page. Information about the line and the vehicle can be found by clicking on the respective line number.

You will also find information for the following target groups: