On the road together

Group tour in the countryside

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Ticket offer for groups

Whether three of you want to go out for a day in the countryside or you want to travel with your entire football team through the region - RMV has the ideal ticket for you.

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More information

Are you travelling with your family or friends? You can find all the important information for trips to the countryside or city trips here:

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Sale of tickets

You can buy our tickets at various locations:

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Lost property

Wallet on a bench on the platform

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Did you forget something? You can get help here and hopefully will recover your belongings quickly:

RMV Service Hotline: 069 / 24 24 80 24

Lost property

Interactive map

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Our interactive map lets you check out all our tips for days out and lots of tourist attractions so you’ll know precisely what there is to discover and where to find it.

Interactive map