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Our claim is that you will arrive on schedule at your destination. However, this does not always work out. If this happens, you can get your money back for a delay of 10 minutes or more to your destination.

Regulations of the RMV-10-Minute-Guarantee

As of: 31.03.2019

Guarantee declaration

The RMV-10-Minute-Guarantee is a voluntary guarantee of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund GmbH (RMV). In the event of a delay of more than 10 minutes at the destination, the customer affected is entitled to a proportional refund of the ticket price, provided that the guarantee conditions are fulfilled. Instead of refund of the fare, the customer may receive a taxi cost reimbursement up to a certain amount during the evening and night hours.

The amount of the fare refund can be found in the respective current refund tables applicable (PDF) (for 1st class, for 2nd class). The conditions for the compensation of taxi costs can be found under "Refund" (see below).

There shall be no further claims.

RMV reserves the right to change the regulations of the RMV-10-Minute-Guarantee and the table applicable on important grounds.

Guarantee conditions

The RMV-10-Minute-Guarantee can only be claimed if the customer affected is in possession of a valid RMV ticket for the ride complained about. For the refund of taxi costs, the original taxi receipt must also be submitted. Costs for taxi rides taken without a valid ticket will not be refunded.

The customer can only make use of the RMV-10-Minute-Guarantee if he or she refuses to simultaneously claim refund or compensation from 

  • the statutory passenger rights in railway transport


  • the mobility guarantee for the personal annual pass.

Only one of the three options may be used for each ride subject to complaint.

Even if the customer is in possession of a valid ticket, the following tickets and means of transport are excluded from refund:

  • tickets issued free of charge, such as student tickets made available free of charge
  • RMV KombiTickets for all types of events
  • The BahnCard 100 and the DB-Jobticket, since these are pure Deutsche Bahn offers
  • Rides on on-demand transport, e.g. call buses, dial-a-ride taxis (AST) or fixed-route on-call (ALT)

A refund for a delay of more than 10 minutes is excluded if the customer affected could have reached the destination earlier by a means of transport other than that initially intended (e.g. underground trains every 5 minutes).

The ride complained about must have been identified as a connection in the electronic schedule planner on www.rmv.de.

The start and destination of the ride complained about must be within the RMV network area (without transitional fare zones).

The destination is the end point of the entire ride, even if several means of transport have to be used to reach the destination (travel chain).

The ride complained about, including all transfer connections, must have been taken using local means of transport (regional train, urban rail, underground train, tram or bus).

If tickets are valid for several rides (e.g. season tickets), a maximum of 3 applications for refund can be made per ticket and day, provided there have actually been 3 delays or cancellations on this day.

Application and payment

Payment of a refund is only possible if it has been requested in advance via the internet portal www.rmv.de/rmv-10-minuten-garantie-antrag (only in German) and if the refund has been approved.

The refund must be requested within 7 days of the delayed or cancelled ride. Upon receipt of the request, the customer will receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail with instructions on how to proceed.

If the application is approved, the customer receives another e-mail and is now in position to collect the refund within 3 months and exclusively in cash from the RMV mobility centres or RMV sales offices mentioned above (see payment offices). A bank transfer is not feasible owing to the required ticket inspection and the receipt of documents at the payment office.

Customers who claim a refund using false information may be excluded from the RMV-10-Minute-Guarantee. If the incorrect information is discovered only after approval has been granted, this may result in the refund amount not being disbursed in individual cases even though approval has already been granted.

The following documents must be submitted to the payment office:

  • A valid official identity document with a photograph,
  • A ticket valid at the time of the ride complained about.
    This can include the following:
    • the original paper ticket for single tickets, day tickets, group day tickets, Hessenticket
    • the printout of an individual or collective receipt for the purchase of an RMV mobile phone ticket (RMV HandyTicket), RMV smart ticket or RMV eTicket
    • a ticket that is still valid at the present time,
  • an original taxi receipt

Paper tickets, printouts and tax receipts will be retained upon payment of the amount.


The individual refund amounts are given in the attached tables (for 1st class, for 2nd class).

  • Single tickets and RMVsmart tickets (2nd class) are refunded up to a maximum amount of 6 euros.
  • Single tickets with surcharge (1st class, AirLiner) will be refunded up to a maximum of 8 euros.
  • For annual, monthly, weekly, day, group-day tickets and the Hessenticket, the maximum refund amount per ticket claimed corresponds to the maximum value for single tickets (6 euros or 8 euros in 1st class).
  • For day tickets, group-day tickets and the Hessenticket, there is only one refund per delayed ride, irrespective of how many people have used the ticket. If there have been several delays, refunds can be made for several rides subject to complaint, but only up to a maximum of the purchase price of the card (2nd class).
  • All other season tickets will be refunded pro rata during their validity period, up to a maximum of 1/3 of the purchase price of the 2nd class.
  • In case of annual tickets, refunds per calendar month are taken into account and a monthly purchase price (1/12 of the annual ticket price) is applied.
  • If the customer additionally acquires a surcharge (1st class), he/she shall receive the individual surcharge price to be paid in each case in addition to the proportional refund (2nd class). The single supplement charge will continue to be refunded even if the amount of 1/3 of the purchase price of the 2nd class is reached.
  • If the customer purchases a ticket for the AirLiner, costs up to a maximum of 1/3 of the purchase price (total price including surcharge) will be refunded during the period of validity of this ticket. The AirLiner surcharge will not be refunded beyond this amount.
  • If the customer uses his time ticket to purchase a connecting ticket (single ticket), he must denote the connecting ticket, not the season ticket, when making an application in the event of a delay.
  • All other tickets (e.g. JobTickets, SemesterTickets) will be refunded at a flat rate 0.50 euros per delayed ride. The maximum refund amounts are given in the attached tables(for 1st class, for 2nd class).
  • Instead of a pro-rata refund of the ticket price, customers can be refunded taxi costs of a maximum of 25 euros  between 9 p.m. and the end of operating hours (5 a.m. or last ride marked as night line), provided it can be expected that the destination would only be reached with a delay of more than 10 minutes. This regulation can be used only by one person per ticket and delay or cancellation.

Validity area

This map of the RMV area and its tariff zones shows where the RMV-10-Minute-Guarantee is valid.

Payment offices

You can get your money back at selected RMV-mobility centres and RMV distribution points throughout the RMV transport network.

Payment offices

Reimbursement amounts

RMV-10-Minute-Guarantee - Reimbursement amounts 1st class

Overview of the reimbursement amounts for each contested journey in 1st class, valid from 13 December 2020 (in German).
As on: December 2020

RMV-10-Minute-Guarantee - Reimbursement amounts 2st class

Overview of the reimbursement amounts for each contested journey in 2st class, valid from 13 December 2020 (in German).
As on: December 2020