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"Fast and practical": Fredi Bobic uses RMVsmart


(© Jana Kay)

The pilot project RMVsmart has been in operation since the spring of 2016. Among the testers is Fredi Bobic, board member for sport at Eintracht Frankfurt. The former professional footballer revealed in an interview what made him participate.

Seventh spot on the chart, 18 points in the account: Eintracht Frankfurt has made a perfect start to the season. Part of the success is also the new sports management. In June, Fredi Bobic took over the position of Sports Director. The former national player also uses public transport in order to move from A to B in his new home in Frankfurt- and has decided to take part in the RMVsmart pilot project.

This is where your smartphone becomes a vending machine for personal tickets

The new RMVsmart app combines schedule information and ticket bookings with a specially developed, distance-dependent tariff offer - without tariff zones and price surges. Since the spring of 2016, the alternative tariff model has been tested first for occasional drivers.

In an interview with RMV, Bobic explains why he enjoys taking the train to work, how he came across RMV's offers and why participating in the pilot run is an active part of shaping the region for him.

Interview with Fredi Bobic

How come you take the S-Bahn?

Fredi Bobic: I like to use the RMV for drives within Frankfurt. I live in Sachsenhausen, where I like to travel to the airport by train or to my workplace in the Commerzbank arena, for instance.

And why did you opt for the RMVsmart?

Fredi Bobic: It's fast and really practical. I consciously avoid queuing up at the vending machine and looking for the right amount of coins in my wallet.

How did you hear about RMVsmart?

Fredi Bobic: Even in my previous places of residence, be it Stuttgart or Berlin, or during my frequent stays in New York for instance, I have always liked using the regional trains. That's why after moving here, I found out what RMV has to offer and pretty quickly came to know about the concept of the RMVsmart. For me, taking part in the test also means an opportunity of integrating myself into the region and helping shape it.