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Lokale Fahrkartenangebote


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  • For low-income citizens of Bad Homburg
  • Discounted RMV monthly tickets for the city of Bad Homburg

Connecting ticket

Can we bring along a plus one?



1st-class use
yes, at extra charge per person and journey

Transitional tariff

Dial-a-ride transit (AST), express bus etc.
yes, partly with extra charge (1 extra charge per person and journey)

IC usage

  • The Bad-Homburg-Pass enables low-income citizens with first place of residence in Bad Homburg to buy RMV monthly tickets with 75 % discount for the city of Bad Homburg in city price bracket 1.
  • The following journey-tickets are offered at a discount on the Bad Homburg passport:
  • Discounts are also offered at many municipal facilities


You can find the prices for your ticket in our Tariff information.

Retail outlets

  • The Bad Homburg passport is available at the city of Bad Homburg.
  • Discounted season tickets are offered at all retail outlets in the Bad Homburg area.

Website of City of Bad Homburg - Information about the Bad Homburg Passport