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City price level Marburg

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Since 9th December 2018, the city price level in Marburg is no longer limited to the city centre, but applies to the entire city of Marburg, that includes the tariff zones

The city price level Marburg applies to the entire city of Marburg, that includes the tariff zones:

  • 0501 – City centre of Marburg, Cappel, Marbach, Wehrda,
  • 0540 – Dagobertshausen, Dilschhausen, Elnhausen, Wehrshausen,
  • 0555 – Bortshausen, Ronhausen,
  • 0546 – Bauerbach, Ginseldorf, Moischt, Schröck,
  • 0588 –Cyriaxweimar, Gisselberg, Haddamshausen, Hermershausen,
  • 0558 - Michelbach

However, the tariffs for connections to and from places outside Marburg, remain unchanged.