ICE shuttle bus Limburg South - Limburg train station

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  • The so-called ICE shuttle bus is the name given to the bus lines that are a connecting link between the ICE train station "Limburg South" and Limburg.
  • These bus lines are LM-5, LM-59, 282 and 285, some of which run on different routes.
  • The journey is only of five minutes on some lines.

Stops and timetable

  • Stop in the direction of Limburg train station at the bus platform of the ICE train station.
  • Stop in the direction of the ICE train station Limburg South at ZOB south, bus platform A.
  • The journeys of the bus lines LM-5, LM-59, 282 and 285 are included in the Connection Information.

Tariffs and prices

  • RMV tickets and DB tickets between "Limburg" and "Limburg south" stations are recognized in bus lines LM-5, LM-59, 282 and 285.