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  • For low-income citizens of Maintal
  • Single tickets are offered for adults and children at a discount within the city of Maintal in RMV tariff zone 2901 in the buses of the Maintal city traffic.

Fare info

  • The Maintal-passport allows low-income citizens with their first place of residence in Maintal to purchase single tickets at a discount.
  • It holds applicable to buses operated by the Maintal city services (lines MKK-22, MKK-23, MKK-24, MKK-25 and AST MKK-27) in the Maintal tariff zone 2901 and 2909.
  • The ticket is not transferable.
  • The ticket is valid, only if it is combined together with the Maintal-passport.
  • In addition, further discounts are also offered in municipal facilities.
  • All types of season tickets are excluded.


  • With the Maintal-passport, the single ticket of price level 2 is reduced to price level 1. The costs are as follows:
    • Adults: 2.10 Euro
    • Students/ apprenticeship-holders: 1.25 Euro

Retail outlets

  • The Maintal-passport is available in the city shop at the town hall in Maintal-Hochstadt.
  • Single tickets for bus are available here at a discount.

Further information on the tariffs

Our common conditions of carriage (only in German) and fare regulations (only in German) apply.