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Tickets - overview

Weekly tickets

For price level 6 and upwards, you'll start saving money with an RMV weekly ticket for adults after just 3 return journeys. And on top of that, one person travels free with you in the evening and throughout the entire weekend. It's that easy to save money. Choose from:

Lower prices for many short trips from/to Frankfurt

Since December 9, 2018, the urban area of Frankfurt (tariff area number 5000) has been subdivided in a smoother manner (new tariff area numbers 5001-5010 and 5059), so that trips between parts of Frankfurt and the surrounding cities and districts on short distances are often more favourable (new price categories 30 and 40). When purchasing tickets, please make sure that you specify the particular destinations or destination fare areas in Frankfurt. You will find all information on the new price categories here.

Weekly ticket for adults

Start out on any day and stay on the move for a whole 7 days. One adult and any number children under 15 years can travel free with you at evenings and weekends.

Weekly ticket for adults


Weekly ticket for pupils and apprentices

Schoolchildren, apprentices, work experience students and many other young people who are preparing for a career, use this and the appropriate passenger ID card to save on travel from home to their training location.

Weekly ticket charged at the training rate

Supplementary ticket

Would you like to travel First Class on RMV rail services? Easy! Just get hold of a supplementary ticket. They are available for single journeys or as a supplementary season ticket for your weekly, monthly or annual season ticket.

Supplementary ticket