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Effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the public transportation services of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsbund

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Our top priorities are as follows: to provide a reliable bus and train service for our passengers and to support our partners in the best possible way to enable them to create a safe atmosphere for our drivers. This being so, the front door where the driver sits will remain closed on some of our bus lines. Wearing a mask is mandatory when using public transportation. Anyone above the age of 6 years old must wear a mouth and nose protector on buses, suburban and regional trains and underground trains. Covering the face with a cloth or scarf is sufficient to comply with the mask obligation. There is a fine of 50 Euro for those who do not meet the mask obligation.

Notice: From January 23rd it is mandatory to wear a medical mask (FFP2, KN95, N95 or surgical mask). A normal covering with a scarf or a selfmade mask is not allowed anymore.

Purchasing tickets

To protect staff and customers, some sales points in the RMV service area have reduced their capacity to sell tickets. As such, please try to use

to purchase your tickets.

The RMV Service Centre is still available for you 24 hours a day. You can reach it by calling 069 / 24 24 80 24

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Traffic news

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Schülerticket Hessen

1 year, 1 euro per day, 1 ticket: That's the flat rate for public transport! With a Schülerticket Hessen, students and apprentices can use bus and train services throughout Hesse - even in the holidays.

Schülerticket Hessen

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