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"Frankfurt Airport Regional Station" shut from 26.10 to 14.12.

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The new S-Bahn Station "Gateway Gardens" will be connected to the railway network from Saturday, 26th October, to Saturday, 14th December. During this period, the S-Bahn-routes S8 and S9 will stop at the airport’s long-distance station. The stops "Frankfurt Airport Regional Station" and "Kelsterbach station" are omitted.

The changes are provided in the connection information and are also available below for reference.

The effects in detail

  • Routes S8 and S9 will pass through the airport long-distance station and will not stop at the airport regional station and in Kelsterbach.
  • Routes RE2, RE3 and RE59 will be redirected via another route and do not stop at Frankfurt airport.
  • For some part of the long-distance trains, the stop at the Frankfurt airport long-distance station and in exceptional cases, the stop at "Mainz Hauptbahnhof", will be omitted.

Replacement connections

  • A rail replacement bus service will be arranged between Terminal 1 of the airport and Kelsterbach/Rüsselsheim.
  • There are other travel options between Frankfurt airport and Kelsterbach/Rüsselsheim with bus routes 72 and 73. 
  • The airport connection to Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Offenbach and Hanau will be guaranteed by the S-Bahn every 15 minutes starting from the "Frankfurt Airport Long-distance Station".

Stops of the replacement bus service

  • "Frankfurt Airport Terminal 1" – stop 22
  • "Kelsterbach Gesamtschule"
  • "Kelsterbach Rathaus"
  • "Kelsterbach station"
  • "Kelsterbach Mainhöhe"
  • "Raunheim Mainstraße"
  • "Raunheim Egerländer Straße"
  • "Rüsselsheim market square" (only in the direction of Rüsselsheim)
  • "Rüsselsheim Bahnhof" to the replacement stop on the "Weisenauer Straße"

The departure times of the replacement buses are provided in the connection information and can also be obtained from the attached PDF file.

Gateway Gardens: S-Bahn connection and construction of a new transport station

For more information on the "S-Bahn-Connection Gateway Gardens" project including construction records and webcam, refer to the Brochure as well as to


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