RMV fares structure

RMV introduced standardised fares for its entire network area at the start of 1995. The RMV fares structure replaced over 100 different fares systems, and since then one ticket has covered the entire journey, regardless of how often you need to change services.

The fares structure in such a large transport network as RMV is very complex, precisely because of the need to achieve the most equitable fares structure possible.

Here are a number of useful keywords for customers that relate to the fares system:

  • Pricing
    The ticket price is calculated according to the number of fare zones the route passes through.
    A ticket at the highest price level is valid for the entire RMV network.

  • Ticket range
    RMV’s ticket range is aimed at specific target groups and is modified and extended to customer requirements on an ongoing basis. You’ll find the right RMV ticket for your journey by clicking on the heading Tickets/Ticket range.

  • Cross-network fares
    As a result of its collaboration agreements, RMV gives you the option of being able to travel with one RMV ticket deep into neighbouring networks. Opening up the borders in this way means that just under seven million people currently travel with fares from RMV.

  • RMV-HandyTicket and HandyTicket for NFC mobile phone
    Electronic tickets are already a reality throughout the entire RMV network, turning your mobile into a ticket machine with just a few clicks. Frankfurt is the first city in Germany to have a complete NFC information and ticketing system.