Commissioning of transport services by RMV

RMV works continuously to improve and develop the transport services it provides. Not all routes we would like to provide are economically viable. Nevertheless, RMV has expanded its transport services by over 20 per cent since it was established in 1995. For example, the S-Bahn network has grown, the Integrated Timetable system has been introduced and rail routes have been modernised and perform considerably better - the Odenwald line, for example. In the bus sector, RMV has used the tendering process as an opportunity to restructure and optimise entire networks.

Optimum transport services

To install a new regional rail or bus route, RMV carries out a needs assessment exercise, sets up a cost/benefit analysis and - in the event of a positive outcome - signs financing agreements with all the partners involved. After that, the competitive tender process is started for the new transport service. At a later stage, a timetable is issued for the new route to connect the new service to best effect with existing routes. Before the start of operations, RMV provides passengers with detailed information about the new rail or bus service.