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Express buses

RMV-Express buses

Beyond the rail connections of S-Bahns (city trains) and local trains as well, the RMV offers attractive connections with short travel times and direct routes in the Rhein-Main-Region with the Express bus lines.

In the RMV area, 19 Express bus lines make a fast and comfortable complement to the train. 14 of those run like a ring around Frankfurt and are spread far into the region. Five additional lines relays the concept in the region.

With the Express buses, the RMV makes an attractive offer to the passengers even where the train does not travel directly.

Express bus ring around Frankfurt

The Express bus network is not directed towards Frankfurt in a star-shaped manner like the railway lines; rather, it connects the places on the periphery of the Main metropolis directly with one another. Thereby, the trip into and again out of Frankfurt city centre, often linked to detours, has become unnecessary.

Thanks to the cross-connections, it is not necessary for passengers to change trains or buses and they save time. In addition to the attractive travel times, the Express bus lines stop at central stations and are also directed towards optimised changeovers.

Overview of RMV Express bus lines

14 Express bus lines operate around the metropolitan area of Frankfurt RheinMain; five lines oprate the region.

  • Linie X17: Hofheim – Hattersheim – Frankfurt Flughafen Terminal 1 – Neu-Isenburg
  • Linie X19: Obertshausen – Heusenstamm – Neu-Isenburg – Frankfurt Flughafen Terminal 1
  • Linie X26: Wiesbaden – Hofheim – Königstein – Oberursel – Bad Homburg
  • Linie X27: Königstein – Oberursel – Bad Homburg – Karben - Niedderau
  • Linie X38: Gladenbach – Niederweimar – Marburg
  • Linie X39: Alsfeld – Treysa
  • Linie X40: Gladenbach – Biedenkopf
  • Linie X57: Hanau Freiheitsplatz – Maintal – Frankfurt-Enkheim (Hessen-Center)
  • Linie X64: Obertshausen – Hanau Hauptbahnhof – Freiheitsplatz
  • Linie X71: Darmstadt – Groß-Umstadt – Wiebelsbach
  • Linie X72: Limburg – Kirberg – Wiesbaden
  • Linie X74: Darmstadt – Münster – Eppertshausen – Ober-Roden
  • Linie X76: (Miehlen –) Nastätten – Kemel – Wiesbaden
  • Linie X78: Darmstadt – Groß-Zimmern – Klein-Zimmern – Semd
  • Linie X79: Bad Schwalbach – Schlangenbad – Walluf
  • Linie X83: Langen – Dreieich – Neu-Isenburg – Offenbach
  • Linie X89: Weilburg – Weilmünster – Grävenwiesbach
  • Linie X93: Erlensee Gewerbepark Nord – Hanau Hauptbahnhof
  • Linie X97: Offenbach – Bad Vilbel – Offenbach

RMV rail network map and express bus lines