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RMV network maps

Network maps to get you on your way

Network maps give an overview of the routes of train, subway, tram and bus lines. With the RMV's network maps for S-Bahn and rail services and the network maps for local services, you have everything in view.

The S-Bahn map and rail map covering RMV services and those of local passenger transport organisations give you all the information at a glance. Most maps are also available as PDF files.

RMV network maps

Cross-network maps: S-Bahn map, S-Bahn map with express bus lines, rail map and Frankfurt RheinMain night bus network map

RMV S-Bahn map

Der RMV-Schnellbahnplan zeigt Verbindungen mit der U-Bahn, S-Bahn, den Regionalzügen und den Fernverkehrsanschlüssen im Großraum Frankfurt RheinMain an.

All S-Bahn and underground services in the Greater Frankfurt RheinMain area.
Valid from 9. December 2018

RMV rail network map

Regionaler Schienennetzplan, der die U-Bahn Frankfurt, S-Bahn Rhein-Main, RegionalExpress, Regionalbahn und Fernverkehrsanschluss Schienen anzeigt.

All regional rail services and S-Bahn services in the RMV area.
Valid from 9. December 2018

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RMV Frankfurt: Network map

Valid from 9. December 2018

Frankfurt city map with service network

Valid from 09. December 2018

RMV Frankfurt: Frankfurt Airport bus network map

VGO: Network map districts Gießen, Vogelsberg, Wetterau

VGO: Network map Gießen (District)

Valid from 9. December 2018

VGO: Network map Vogelsberg (District)

VGO: Network map Wetterau (District)

Valid from 9. December 2018

RTV: Network map Rheingau-Taunus District

RTV: Network map Rheingau

RTV: Network map Taunusstein

RTV: Network map Geisenheim and Oestrich-Winkel

LNVG: Network map Bischhofsheim, Ginsheim-Gustavsburg

LNVG: Network map Büttelborn

LNVG: Network map Gernsheim, Biebesheim, Stockstadt

LNVG: Network map Groß-Gerau

LNVG: Network map Kelsterbach Raunheim

LNVG: Network map Mörfelden-Walldorf

LNVG: Network map Nauheim

LNVG: Network map Riedstadt

LNVG: Network map Trebur

Network maps for local services

Links to network maps covering services in towns, cities and districts in the RMV area

Lahn-Dill (District)

Odenwald (District)

Offenbach (City)