Out and about with your bike

Whether you’re off for a bike ride or off to work, riding a bike is healthy, fun and totally on trend.

Apart from that, biking goes wonderfully well with travelling by bus and rail: bus and rail services are the perfect add-on to conserve your energy until you arrive at the start of your bike ride or for part of your journey to work. Travelling with your bike is easy on almost all rail routes and on many local bus and rail services. And the best thing about it is that the bike goes free of charge.

Frau und Mädchen schieben ihre Fahrräder am Bahnsteig neben Zug mit geöffneten Türen

The bike goes too

As a rule, bicycles are carried free of charge on RMV services.

Trains with bicycle parking racks

Frau und kleines Mädchen sitzen mit ihren Fahrrädern im Zug

(© RMV/Paul Müller)

In the summer months, special trains with bicycle racks with a particularly large number of bicycle racks are operated on some routes, which are located in heavily frequented and attractive bicycle touring areas.

Trains with bicyle racks

On tour with leisure buses

Ein weißer Bus der Blauen Linie mit Fahrradanhänger fährt durch eine sommerliche Landschaft

(© VLDW mbH)

Our leisure buses - usually in the summer half-year - bring hikers and bikers to extremely beautiful regions very comfortably. After the tour, when your legs are tired and heavy, you can be transported back to the starting point.

Leisure buses

Hesse cycle route planner

weißes Logo mit blauem Fahrrad auf roten Streifen: Radtouren Planer Hessen

Planning your next bike ride in Hesse is easy with our interactive customised service.

Cycle hire

Mann und Mädchen auf einem Fahrrad, im Hintergrund hängen und stehen viele Fahrräder

(© Jupiterimages)

Leave for your day out by bus or rail. And then hire a bicycle locally to continue your journey.