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Out and about together


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Tickets for groups

Out and about together? Whether you’re off to the country in a threesome or touring the region with an entire football team, RMV has the perfect ticket for you.

Fares info

Out and about with family or friends? All the key information you need for days out in the country or trips into town is here:

Buying tickets

You can purchase our tickets from various sources. Get yours here:

Tips for days out

This region has lots to offer, whether you’re a nature-lover or more of a culture vulture. Discover the opportunities for exploring the RMV area by bus and rail:

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Always well-informed

Keep yourself up-to-speed. RMV supplies you with news on all aspects of mobility that we know you’ll find useful.

Lost property

Geldbörse auf einer Bank am Bahnsteig

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Left anything behind? You’ll find help here and hopefully soon be re-united with your belongings:

RMV Service Hotline: 069 / 24 24 80 24