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Persons with restricted mobility

Multi-functional area

Multi-functional area

Multi-functional area
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The multi-functional area is indicated by a symbol on the entrance doors. In the multi-functional area of the trains and buses, you will find space for wheelchairs, prams, rollators, bicycles and luggage.

Wheelchair users, prams and rollators have priority over bicycles or luggage. Especially on Mondays to Fridays in the heavily used commuter buses, school buses and trains, you should therefore - if possible - avoid taking bicycles with you. In the event that the multi-functional area is ever occupied, we kindly ask you to seek agreement among yourselves. In case of any doubt, let the driving personnel decide.

Wheelchair users should situate their wheelchairs against the impact plate and - if available - use the seat belts. For a hassle-free exit, please use the stroller or wheelchair button, which is usually located in the area of the vehicle wall. The doors will then remain open longer and the driver will check whether you need help. For further information see Buttons and their meaning.

Zwei Anforderungstaster. Links: Taster mit Kinderwagensymbol. Rechts: Taster mit Rollstuhlsymbol

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