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Welcome to the information page of the RMV-10-minute-guarantee!

Our claim is that you will arrive on schedule at your destination. However, this does not always work out. If this happens, you can get your money back for a delay of 10 minutes or more to your destination.

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(Forms in German language)

Regulations of the RMV-10-minute-guarantee

General information

The RMV-10-minuten-guarantee is a voluntary guarantee policy of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund GmbH (RMV). This can only be claimed insofar as the passenger dispenses with the claim to a reimbursement or compensation for other reasons, in particular the statutory Passenger rights in the railway transport (only in German) and the Personal mobility guarantee annual ticket (only in German). Only one of the three guarantees can be claimed for each contested journey.

Guarantee policy

The RMV-10-minute-guarantee can be claimed for a delay of more than 10 minutes by the customer affected. Provided that none of the grounds for exclusion are present and the other requirements of a claim are applicable, the customer is entitled, as per the guarantee policy, to reimbursement of the fare according to the current reimbursement table.

Instead of reimbursement of the fare, taxi fares of up to 25 Euros may be reimbursed between 9.00 pm (scheduled departure) and the end of operating hours (4.00 am or the last route marked as a night line), provided that it is foreseeable that there will be a delay of more than 10 minutes to the destination. This rule can only be claimed by one person per ticket and delay or trip cancellation.

Further claims are not justified hereafter.

Guarantee conditions

  • The guarantee applies only for a journey with a valid RMV ticket. The term “RMV tickets” includes all RMV single tickets or RMV season tickets at the tariffs for adults, children or trainees/students. If a RMV ticket has not been purchased due to a delay or cancellation of a trip, no reimbursement of travel or taxi costs can be claimed.
  • Excluded from the reimbursement are tickets issued free of charge, in particular also the free student tickets issued by the school authorities for school children entitled to free rides, and RMV KombiTickets for all kinds of events.
  • The beginning and destination of the journey must lie within the RMV transport network (without crossing tariff zones).
  • The complete journey (including the transfer connections) must have been made with regional or local RMV transport services (regional train, suburban train, subway, tram or bus) and must be indicated as a connection in the electronic timetable information on Excluded from the guarantee are journeys which have been carried out with demand-oriented transport services (call and collect taxi services like AnrufSammelTaxi (AST), AnrufLinienTaxi (ALT), dial-a-bus services like Rufbus, shared taxi services like Anschlusssammeltaxi, etc.)
  • Claims for reimbursement of ticket fares due to force majeure are limited to a maximum of 2 journeys per day. Force majeure includes suicide, strikes, storms and bad weather (an official warning by the German meteorological service is decisive here), forces of nature and bomb threats.
  • Customers claiming reimbursement through the deliberate provision of false information may be excluded from the RMV-10-minute-guarantee.

 Application for reimbursement

The delay must be claimed within 7 days following the incident at in German). Payment of a refund is only possible if it has been requested beforehand via the Internet portal provided for this purpose and the fare has been approved. After a message has been received, the customer will receive an e-mail confirmation of receipt with a transaction number and instructions for further action.

Reimbursement amounts 

  • Single tickets: These will be reimbursed in full up to a maximum amount of 6 Euros. In case of use of the first class (single ticket and 1st class single supplement) and in case of use of the AIR line (individual tickets and associated single supplement), a maximum of 8 Euros applies.
  • RMVsmart: If RMVsmart is used, the full ticket fare will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 6 Euros per ticket purchased.
  • Season tickets:
    • These will be reimbursed proportionately, up to a maximum of their actual purchase price (see reimbursement file on the web pages of the RMV-10-minute-guarantee).
    • If a season ticket is used with a 1st class supplement (weekly, monthly or annual supplement), the partial season ticket reimbursement is added to the fixed lump sum reimbursement amount for the 1st class usage. When a 1st class single supplement is used, the partial season ticket reimbursement is added to the 1st class single supplement.
    • When using a season ticket together with a supplementary connecting ticket, only the reimbursement amount with respect to the supplementary ticket is paid; there is no refund for the corresponding season ticket. This is because the RMV supplementary ticket is a discounted single ticket for the entire route. As with all individual tickets, supplementary tickets are taken into account in reimbursement claims.
    • Depending on the complaint, the maximum reimbursement amount for individual tickets is also applicablee.
  • Group day ticket and Hesse ticket: Reimbursement only takes place proportionately to the ticket used, irrespective of how many people have used it (see enclosed PDF files "Reimbursement amounts").
  • All other tickets (e.g., JobTicket, FirmenCard, SemesterTicket): These will be reimbursed at a flat rate (see attached PDF files "Reimbursement amounts").

Payment offices for refunds

  • Refunds will be paid in cash at the aforementioned RMV mobility centres or RMV distribution points (see "Payment offices").within 3 months following approval of the reimbursement amount.
  • A transfer is not possible due to the ticket verification and receipt of the supporting documents at the distribution point.

Documents for the receipt of the refund (ticket fare and taxi costs)

  • When collecting the refund, an official photo ID must be presented by the customer. No additional photo ID is required for those with a personal annual ticket that includes their photo.
  • Tickets:
    • Tickets must be submitted in the original form when claiming the refund.
    • If the RMV mobile ticket (HandyTicket) or RMVsmart has been used, the ticket must be verified on the basis of the individual or collective ticket.
    • The corresponding purchase receipt is required for expired season tickets on smart cards.
    • Single tickets, day tickets, group day tickets and Hesse tickets on paper are to be handed over by the customer upon reimbursement.
  • In the case of reimbursement of taxi fares, the original taxi receipt must be submitted in addition to the ticket.


Diese Karte des RMV-Verbundgebietes mit den Tarifgebieten zeigt, wo die RMV-10-Minuten-Garantie gilt.

Payment offices

You can get your money back at selected RMV-mobility centres and RMV distribution points throughout the RMV transport network.

Reimbursement amounts

RMV-10-minute-guarantee - Reimbursement amounts 1st class

Overview of the reimbursement amounts for each contested journey in 1st class, valid from 9 December 2018 (in German).
As on: December 2018

RMV-10-minute-guarantee - Reimbursement amounts 2st class

Overview of the reimbursement amounts for each contested journey in 2st class, valid from 9 December 2018 (in German).
As on: December 2018