Information for blind people

For people who use a screen reader, the Options for a barrier-free travel chain (only in German) is particularly suitable. It provides more detailed information on the stations and stops, as well as on the vehicles for the respective connection.

If you would like to optimise your routes in stations and stops, you can click on the link "Individual settings" under "Options for a barrier-free travel chain". For example, you can exclude escalators there.

Some blind people also prefer the somewhat simpler "text view" - you can find this on the results page of the individual information in the detailed view.

Usually, information on stations and stops is available in the form of equipment lists. Larger stations also have a detailed station description, in some cases also as an audio file, which can be downloaded to an audio device and taken along on the way (see Overview Station Descriptions (only in german)). In the equipment lists, you can also find out if there is a tactile guide strip and automatic announcements at a station or stop.

You will also find information for the following target groups: