Information for pupils and apprentices

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In addition to being valid for the way to school, the ticket is also valid all day, all night - for example, for the route to the cinema or to the next party. The only exception: the vocational school ID. Here are our special offers for pupils and apprentices:

Schülerticket Hessen as eTicket

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Schülerticket Hessen (student ticket for Hesse)

  • 1 year. 1 euro per day. 1 ticket.
  • For pupils and apprentices
  • Valid throughout Hesse

Schülerticket Hessen

Monthly ticket

Monthly token for pupils and apprentices
  • For pupils and apprentices
  • For any number of journeys in the validity area

Monthly ticket for pupils and apprentices

Weekly ticket

Weekly token for pupils and apprentices
  • For any number of journeys
  • For pupils and apprentices

Weekly ticket for pupils and apprentices

Vocational training ID

RMV-card Berufsschulausweis with the lettering Wissen fassen
  • For pupils and apprentices
  • Supplements the season ticket for the training position, if the (vocational) school location is not included.

Vocational training ID

CleverCard - the annual ticket for students and trainees

CleverCard eTicket

The CleverCard is offered for Mainz (fare zone 6500), Bad Laasphe (Tarifgebiet 7901) and also for trips to the transition fare zones of Rhein-Nahe Nahverkehrsverbund (public transportation company), Westerwaldkreis (district of Westerwald) and Rhein-Lahn-Kreis district.

CleverCard - the annual ticket for pupils and apprentices

Always well informed

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Stay up-to-date. RMV provides you with news worth knowing on the topic of mobility.

Lost property

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Did you forget something? You can get help here and hopefully will recover your belongings quickly:

RMV Service Hotline: 069 / 24 24 80 24

Lost property

Your contact details

Your concern can reach us and our partners in many ways: quickly via the online service portal, personally on site or on the service phone, or traditionally by post or fax.

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