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Car and bike-sharing using eTicket

Travel as much as you want – and with what you want, with the eTicket RheinMain. Because, the eTicket is simultaneously a car key – or is even a bike key.

After registering once, have the access data for numerous car and bike-sharing providers in the region saved easily on your mobility card. So you require only one Chip card instead of many, to travel by bus, train, car, bike and even by Pedelec. Get in or get down very easily – in many cases in more favourable conditions than without eTicket.

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Questions and answers on eTicket

New RMV season tickets - that is weekly, monthly or annual tickets - can be saved again and again on the eTicket RheinMain. You can buy your new ticket in any outlet marked with the blue eTicket logo, online in the RMV-TicketShop or at a RMV ticket machine. Important: Always carry your Chip card, because this is the carrier for your ticket.

RMV season tickets are saved electronically on the eTicket RheinMain. So, the eTicket can be repeatedly used for purchasing tickets. Even if your eTicket is "empty", that is no ticket is saved at present, retain the eTicket RheinMain for the next purchase of the season ticket. It must be exchanged for a new one after 5 years at the most.

Lost or no longer verifiable Chip cards with valid travel permission are replaced against payment of 10.00 Euro. If the Chip card is evidently defective, there shall be no cost for the replacement card.

If you are registered for "meinRMV" with your eTicket RheinMain, you can block the Chip card directly online and shall get a replacement Chip card within a few days by post, which is an electronic copy of your original eTicket RheinMain. If this needs to be faster, you may be issued the replacement Chip card directly at the outlet as well.

If you have not registered your Chip card, you will get a replacement at the outlet only by presenting the receipt which you received when your Chip card was first issued to you. Your lost eTicket RheinMain is blocked. All the tickets saved on it are replaced - the transferable ones also.

If you also make use of additional offers with the eTicket RheinMain, you must inform the respective dealer the new Chip card number. Similarly, for the replacement card, you will get new registration data for managing the Chip card at meinRMV.

Customers, who have acquired their eTicket RheinMain at VGF (Frankfurt), ESWE (Wiesbaden) and HEAG mobilo (Darmstadt), please ask your respective sales partner, which services are available for you.

As done so far the ticket must be shown while boarding the bus in many of the bus lines. However, the eTicket RheinMain is not checked by the driving staff any more, but a reader device with a digital display. The data exchange between the installed Chip and the reader takes place by magnetic waves. An optical and an acoustic signal shows that the ticket is valid, because all the relevant ticket information is saved on the Chip. Then "OK", a green light or a green check mark appears on the display.

No fixed inspection devices are installed in the rail vehicles. Here, the ticket checkers of the transport company continue to check whether a passenger has a valid ticket. The buses also continue to have inspectors, mainly where there are no inspection devices (for example in some urban transport). The inspectors carry readers for the eTicket RheinMain.

While checking an eTicket, a checking data record is generated and transferred to the distribution system. The transmission helps the purpose of misuse analysis.

1. Ticket data: The Chip card saves the acquired season ticket, that is, what is the ticket type, for which tariff zone it is applicable and for how long. In all, up to eight current tickets and tickets expired recently can be saved. For the purpose of data economy, the old entries are overwritten one after the other from the ninth entry onwards.

2. Personal data: All personal data is only used for purposes that help in smooth functioning of the eTicket-RheinMain process. So, in case of personal tariff products, like the personal annual ticket, the 65-plus-annual ticket or the student ticket Hesse, the name of the holder in masked form as well as the date of birth and the gender are saved in the Chip of the eTicket RheinMain. Saving in masked form means that only the first letter of the first name and the last name are saved in clear text. In case of all transferable tariff products, only the data of the ticket is saved in the Chip but no personal data is saved.

3. Transaction data: for reasons of transparency, the last 10 transactions (checking processes and ticket purchases) are saved on the Chip card.

The eTicket RheinMain offers highest security to its users with respect to data protection. Processing of personal data occurs in compliance with the applicable Data Protection Act of the State of Hesse (HDSG) and the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). The data protection supervisory authorities have also been involved right at the time of developing the procedure. All data protection regulation requirements like transparency, data economy and deletion options are fulfilled. And you can be very sure: Forming personal movement profiles is excluded!

Tickets issued on the eTicket RheinMain can be returned or cancelled on the directly on site or in writing by post to the contractual partner. The ticket on the Chip card is blocked at the desired end of contract or from the arrival of the cancellation letter (post mark matches the last day of use) and is not authorised for travel any more.

The Chip card itself must not be returned - it can be used again when you buy new tickets.

Other provisions related to the end of the contractual relationship can be found in the tariff provisions in clause 3.2.3 and in the special conditions of the respective ticket offer.

Detailed information related to the eTicket RheinMain can be found in our article eTicket RheinMain - Your medium for purchasing season tickets of the future.