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Say goodbye to standing in line: Buy tickets online any time


Buy tickets online anytime, anywhere

In the RMV-TicketShop you can find your tickets easily round the clock. You can easily pay by SEPA-Basic-direct debit or with your Visa or MasterCard credit card.

Weekly and monthly cards for adults and for students and trainees as well as annual season ticktes for journeys in the RMV transport district are available as electronic tickets on the eTicket RheinMain. In case of validity in a transition tariff zone, you get a paper ticket.

For us to be able to send you the ticket you ordered, it is necessary for you to register once at "meinRMV" For the online purchase of seasonal tickets in your meinRMV new registration, set the check mark at "Manage RMV-TicketShop and Chip card eTicket RheinMain". Please note that you must be of age for using this online offer.

All functions and benefits

Buy RMV tickets online:

In the RMV-TicketShop, you can quickly and easily buy your season ticket at any time for the eTicket RheinMain.

Collect Smiles during every journey:

Only persons who are registered and buy their tickets online or on the mobile can participate in the bonus programme RMVsmiles - and rejoice over the great discounts and coupons.

Register and manage Chip cards*:

You can very easily view and manage season tickets issued on the eTicket RheinMain as a registered TicketShop user in the meinRMV customer portal online, download your bills and much more.

*Please note that you cannot register the Smartcards of the VGF (Frankfurt), ESWE (Wiesbaden) and HEAG mobilo (Darmstadt) as yet with meinRMV. Therefore, the Smartcards of these companies can also not be used for purchases in the RMV TicketShop.