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RMVsmiles – The bonus programme


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So, register right away – and take 500 Smiles as a welcome bonus!

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Our bonus programme with great discounts

Draw in great discounts

With our bonus programme RMVsmiles, collect Smiles with every ticket that you buy online on or on the mobile as a HandyTicket. And you can redeem those for a wide range of discount coupons with regional providers – for example for culture, leisure, wellness, shopping and good food. Or: You can do something good and gift your Smiles to charity.

Questions and answers on RMVsmiles

You can redeem the collected Smiles for a wide range of discount coupons of several different providers. The offers cover a versatile leisure spectrum and offer attractive benefits and real experiences in the entire Rhine-Main-area.

You can register both for meinRMV at, and also directly here for RMVsmiles. The Login data is the same. For the later collection of Smiles via RMV-TicketShop or RMV-App, however, we need a little more information from you, which you can only enter at meinRMV (see next question).

For this, please login with your login data at Under "meinRMV > Bonus programme > Smiles - The RMV Bonus programme > Register", activate the box "Yes, I want to collect Smiles with immediate effect". To do this, you must naturally also – if it is not already done – register for the RMV HandyTicket or the RMV HandyTicket.

Yes, obviously. For this, please go to, click on "meinRMV > Bonus programme > Smiles - The RMV Bonus programme > Register" and activate the box "Yes, I want to collect Smiles with immediate effect". We would like to point out here that every customer gets the welcome bonus only once. This means that if you should opt out of the bonus programme, you will no longer receive a welcome bonus from the second registration.

Please click "here". After submitting, you will get an email with your login data.

Very simple: Buy your tickets online immediately using the RMV TicketShop on or login there for using the RMV HandyTicket. For using the HandyTickets, you need a Smartphone with which you can download the RMV App for free.

The Smiles are always related to the amount in Euro of your ticket purchase. For an amount over 7.90 EUR, you will get 790 Smiles. When you buy tickets for more than 539.30 EUR, you will get 53,930 Smiles (1 Eurocent = 1 Smile).

When you get a ticket in the RMV TicketShop, the credit is made after the amount is debited from your account or your credit card, plus a small waiting time for any returns (7-10 days). In case you buy a HandyTicket, you will get the Smiles credit immediately after the purchase is confirmed. Note: If the number of customers is very high, the credit can be delayed by up to 10 minutes.

RMVsmiles is the bonus programme of the RMV. As a thank you for your ticket purchase via our RMV-internal digital sales channels (online through the RMV TicketShop and through mobile using the RMV App), we reward you with Smiles. Tickets purchased over the counter or in the TicketShop of another transport company will not receive any points. But unfortunately, all tickets cannot be purchased via the digital sales channels at present and so can also not be awarded Smiles – that, for example, includes the CleverCard as well as the 65plus card, because one has to present a personal ID for receiving these tickets over the counter.

Login to RMVsmiles. Under "My Account", you will find an input box for your promotion code. Note: Each promotion can be redeemed only once. Please note the expiry date.

All Smiles collected from the previous year are deleted on 31.12. of the new year. That means: All Smiles, which you have collected till 31.12.2017 and have not used till 30.12.2018, are irrevocably deleted on 31.12.2018.

When you have collected enough Smiles, search for the coupon you want and then click on "Get coupon now". The requisite Smiles are automatically deducted from your credit account. Note: Please read the conditions of the dealer in detail before getting the coupon. Mainly, you need to make sure whether the coupon can only be printed online or can also be presented through mobile. The instruction as to whether the coupon is personalised or not is also important. You will be able to tell this by the small "Human Icon" right at the bottom of the coupon details page and also on the printed coupon itself. The name of the RMVsmiles customer can be found on it. Only this person can redeem (present ID) the coupon.

That can be because all the available coupons have been redeemed by other customers in the meantime or the online availability of the coupon – which has been determined by the dealer – has expired.

Depending on the conditions of the coupon, it is recommended to make a reservation before visiting the dealer or to fix an appointment. Bear in mind the business hours and also obtain information about any upcoming special events, as the coupon is not valid for any special events.

For this, please read through the exact conditions of the dealer again. It may be that the coupon has already expired. If this is not the case, please get in touch with us using the contact form - we will take care of it.

The partner is not obliged to cancel the coupon within a certain time after it is redeemed. Please give some time to the partner. If the coupon still appears as active even after 14 days, please do let us know using the contact form. Note: The fact that the coupon is still active does not mean that you can redeem it again.

You can rate the coupon or comment on it as soon as the partner has cancelled it. Under "My coupons", you will find all redeemed coupons, and also the information as to which coupon can be rated and commented on.

Comments and ratings cannot be deleted. Your comment is anonymous and personal data is never displayed. If netiquette is not followed, the RMVsmiles-Support-Team is allowed to remove the comment. If you have had problems with redemption at the partner or if you were extremely dissatisfied with the service/the personnel, we would request you to please contact us using the contact form, so that we may clarify the situation.

Please go to, login on meinRMV using your login data and unsubscribe from Smiles at "Bonus programme > Smiles - The RMV Bonus programme". Note: All the Smiles collected so far will be deleted irrevocably.

Please go to, login on meinRMV using your login data, go to "My data" > "Logout from meinRMV" and confirm the button for deleting the profile.

Are you a holder of the Hesse family ticket? Then we even present you with 2,500 Smiles in addition. After logging in to simply enter your family ticket number in the promotion code field provided for it and your credit is already increased by another 2,500 Smiles.

Are you the owner of a recreational facility, a restaurant or a shop? Then get information at and you will also become a partner of Smiles.