Easily read the eTicket RheinMain

Your smartcard holds the electronic information necessary for you to travel by RMV bus and rail – meaning your ticket with the route and validity period for transferable tickets along with the name, date of birth and gender for most individual tickets. If you would like to see for yourself what is stored on your eTicket RheinMain, there are several ways of doing this.

There are three options of finding out what data is stored on your Mobility Ticket:

  • at a RMV ticket machine in the RMV transport district
  • in one of the eTicket RheinMain sales offices – these are RMV sales offices as well as DB travel centres, which bear the (((e logo
  • via the RMV app on your smartphone

Reading using RMV ticket machines

RMV ticket machine with explanations in English


All RMV ticket machines in the RMV transport district have an eTicket read/write device, via which the eTicket an be read.

To do so, place the smartcard on the area marked with the (((e logo. The contents on your eTicket RheinMain are quickly read and are then shown to you on the screen.

These machines can be found at every station with connections to suburban trains or DB regional trains.

Reading at a sales office

During opening hours, you can have the stored electronic ticket read from your smartcard at the eTicket RheinMain sales offices.

Please note: VGF (Frankfurt), ESWE (Wiesbaden) or HEAG mobilo (Darmstadt) each provide their own services. Nevertheless, you can have your electronic ticket read out at their respective sales offices.

Reading via smartphone

The eTicket RheinMain can also be read via the RMV app on an NFC-enabled Android smartphone. Due to different technical requirements, this is not yet possible on all smartphones - you can find a list of compatible models here.

This is how it works:

  1. Open the RMV app and click "More" to access "eTicket RheinMain".
  2. Hold your smartcard against the rear of the smartphone - that is where the NFC interface is located. The contents on your eTicket RheinMain are quickly read and are then shown to you on the screen.