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Logo: Get it on Google Play und Apple-Logo: Download on the App Store

Screenshot trip inquiry
The predicted vehicle occupancy is shown as a pictogram in the route information overview.

Quick connection search from door to door

Which is the best route home? Thanks to the connection search, the answer is always with you: Activate the GPS location of your Smartphone or enter your location by hand. Now enter the destination address and start search.

Our App provides you with the matching connections including the line number, travel times and any delays in real time. It shows you the ticket price and the exact distance to the stop down to the exact metre. You can find the route there with the practical map view. And you can also directly buy your HandyTicket from the connection search. The next time itself, your history and favourites will help you in the start and destination entry.

Ideal supplement in off-peak hours

Additional combinations with car sharing, bike sharing, taxi or your own bicycle are also possible in the connection information. Especially in the evenings or early mornings, the combination of means of transport can further supplement the existing bus and train services. 

Occupancy projection integrated

The predicted vehicle occupancy is shown as a pictogram in the route information overview. If the system predicts that the desired route will have a large amount of passengers, alternative routes with less passengers will be shown.

Screenshot Trip inquiry and Ticket in the RMV App

Cashless tickets directly on the mobile

Be spontaneous with the bus and train – it takes but a few seconds with the RMV App: no searching for change, no waiting at machines, no need to know fare price, simply buy a HandyTicket and go!

The ticket for the journey selected is saved directly in the App. If you are checked, show it on your mobile. You do not even need mobile phone reception for this.

RMV HandyTickets are available as single tickets, Single supplements, day and group day tickets, weekly tickets, supplements for the weekly ticket, monthly tickets, supplements for the monthly ticket,  9’o clock monthly tickets as well as Hesse tickets. You can pay by direct debit, credit card or also through the mobile phone bill. Boarding was never so simple.

More information on the HandyTicket

Current transport notifications for the region

In case of modernisations and rail network extensions, changes to the journey times and changeovers cannot always be prevented – but can be planned at the right time. In order that you can adjust to it, the RMV App informs you about the changes to the schedule at "Transport notifications".

You can have detailed info displayed about your region – or if required even all the notifications for the entire RMV area. Whether you are at home, in the office, wherever – you know before you set out on the way.

Car and bike-sharing made easy

Environment-friendly mobility does not end at bus and train: Our App connects you with car and bike-sharing offers of numerous RMV mobility partners in the region.

Detailed area maps will show you exactly where the nearest car or bike can be found. And the App also provides general info about providers, offers, registration and booking under "Parking, Traffic & Leisure" at any time.

Besides: eTicket RheinMain makes car and bike-sharing easier.

More information on car and bike-sharing

Other functions and benefits

RMV-App Symbol für Smiles

Collect and redeem Smiles

Discover the discounts of our bonus programme directly in the App and redeem your Smiles in coupons.

Connection to the meinRMV customer portal

Update your customer data when you are travelling and see your tickets and bills.

Read and update eTicket RheinMain

Have your tickets, which are saved on the RMV mobility card, displayed and transfer them anew.

Leisure tips for RMV area

Explore the Rhine-Main-Region on the Smartphone and get ideas for the weekend.

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