Out and about by rail

If you are out and about by rail in the RMV network area, you can choose from S-Bahn, regional trains and long-distance trains. S-Bahn and regional train services are the responsibility of RMV. All the information you need on these modes of transport is available by clicking on the heading Services & networks.

Combining long-distance and local transport

Even if you are travelling on long-distance trains, you can still count on our support: RMV provides special CooperationTickets that allow you to combine local and long-distance travel.

Our information service can work out the entire route to your destination for you including long-distance and local transport services – even outside the RMV network area. All you need to do is tick the “Germany-wide search” box when making your enquiry.

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DB Cooperation Tickets

Mobility doesn’t end at the limits of the RMV network. If you’re travelling further, faster and with Deutsche Bahn tickets, there’s a variety of supplementary and combination offers to add to your RMV tickets.