Shared taxis & on-demand buses

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Numerous towns and districts in the RMV region also offer various travel options in the evenings and at weekends. These are usually so-called:

  • Shared taxis (AST)
  • Regular taxis (ALT) 
  • On-demand buses or
  • Connecting shared taxis (AT)

In some regions You can also find instead  on demand shuttles.

How the AST, ALT, on-demand buses and AT work

  • You usually have to register your journey in advance.
  • In the detailed view of your service information you will find the telephone number for registering your journey.
  • The RMV fare applies as the basis price. Some companies may also charge a surcharge due to the extra comfort (for example you get dropped off at your home).
  • Otherwise, the AST, ALT and on-demand buses usually operate along set routes and usually depart from the main transport hubs such as rail stations or main squares.
  • An exception: the connecting shared taxis (AT) which wait at various local points and for which the journey does not need to be booked in advance by phone.