Regional trains

Many RMV rail routes operate with modern and comfortable vehicles which are also suitable for passengers with restricted mobility. Please note that some routes use different vehicle types depending on the timetable. In addition, other vehicle types may occasionally also be used which are not scheduled.

Double deck trains

Double deck train

Double deck train

RMV rail routes RE5, RE20, RB22, RE30, RB34, RB48, RE50, RB51, RE60:
Double deck trains

Coradia Continental (Electric railcars)

Außenansicht Coradia Continental

© fahma GmbH/Lederer

RMV rail routes RE9, RB11, RB58, RE59, RB75:
Coradia Continental (HLB)

RMV rail route RB53:
Coradia Continental (DB)


Coradia Lint (Diesel railcar)

Diesel railcar Coradia Lint 81

Diesel railcar Coradia Lint 81
© vlexx GmbH/Bernd Euring

RMV rail routes RE2, RE3, RE4, RE13, RE17, RB31, RB33, RB35, RE85, RB86:
Coradia Lint 54/81

RMV rail routes RB12, RB15:
Coradia Lint high floor

RMV rail routes RB29, RB45, RB52, RB90, RB95, RB96:
Coradia Lint low floor

RMV rail routes RB23, RE25, RB35, RB62, RB63, RB69:
Coradia Lint Eifel-Westerwald-Sieg

Flirt (Electric railcars)

Electric railcar Flirt


RMV rail routes RE2, RE4, RE14:
Flirt RE-Netz Südwest (DB)

RMV rail routes RB5:
Flirt Nord-Ost-Hessen (Cantus)

RMV rail routes RE9, RB10:
Flirt Rheingau (VIAS)

RMV rail routes RE98, RE99:
Flirt Main-Lahn-Sieg (HLB)

Desiro Classic (Diesel railcar)

Diesel railcar Desiro Classic (VT 642)

© Siemens AG

RMV rail routes RB21, RB34, RB56, RB61, RB65, RB94, RB/RE97:
Desiro Classic (Diesel railcar)

GTW 2-6 (Low floor light railcar)

Low floor light railcar GTW 2/6


RMV rail routes RB16, RB29, RB38, RB/RE39, RB46, RB47, RB48, RB90, RB95, RB96:
GTW 2-6, low floor light railcar

Itino (Diesel railcar)

Diesel railcar Itino


RMV rail routes RB61, RB66, RE80, RB81, RB82, RE85, RB86:
Itino (Diesel railcar)

Pesa Link (Diesel railcar)

Außenansicht des Pesa Link-Fahrzeugs im Frankfurter Hauptbahnhof.

© rms GmbH

RMV rail route RB61:
Pesa Link (Diesel railcar)

TALENT (Diesel and electric railcar)

Diesel and electric railcar Talent 2

© Bombardier Transportation

RMV rail routes RB23, RE25, RB65:
TALENT (Diesel railcar)

RMV rail routes RB40, RB41, RB49:
TALENT 2 (Electric railcar)

Twindexx Vario (Electric double deck railcar)

Twindexx Vario

Twindexx Vario
© Deutsche Bahn AG

RMV rail routes RE54, RE55:
Twindexx Vario Main-Spessart (Electric double deck railcar)

RMV rail routes RE60, RB67, RB68, RE70:
Twindexx Vario Main-Neckar-Ried (Electric double deck railcar)

VT/VS2E (Diesel-electric railcar )

Yellow train Type VT/VS 2E at the platform

© rms GmbH

RMV rail routes RB12, RB15:
VT/VS 2E (Diesel-electric railcar)