Connection information with multi-modal information

RMV website for mobile devices

RMV is expanding its existing information media: With the introduction of the RMV web app, we have revised our connection information for mobile devices on Passengers can now use the RMV connection information to plan their itineraries not only for classic public transport connections to buses and trains, but also for other means of transport and mobility offers. 

Ideal supplement in off-peak hours

Additional combinations with car sharing, bike sharing, taxi or your own bicycle are also possible in the connection information. Especially in the evenings or early mornings, the combination of means of transport can further supplement the existing bus and train services. For the time being, inter-modal information is only available at - i.e. on the website and that is automatically displayed by all smartphones and tablets. The new service is available for all smartphones and operating systems.

This is how it works

As the first mobility option, the "classic" public transport connection will continue to be displayed in the connection information. In addition, customers can also choose the combination with a bicycle, a car or their own bicycle. 

Proven functions and services

The RMV web app provides you with common functions like connection details, connection sharing, calendar export or line history. In addition, we now offer you additional functions such as Livemap or availability search. Customers can also view all mobility options such as stations and stops as well as car-sharing and rental bicycle stations on the map.

(© RMV)

(© RMV)

Suitable for all mobile devices

The RMV web app for all smartphones and tablets is available at The layout automatically adapts to the size of the display and promises optimum operability to suit your end device.

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Tip for users with a Google or Apple account: You can also install the RMV app that provides the option to buy tickets via RMV mobile ticket and many other options. It is available for free download in the AppStore/iTunes and in the Google Play Store and you can find it by entering the keyword "RMV".