enlarged view: two orange RheinMainCards with typical symbols for the Rhein-Main region and local traffic symbols

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  • Concessions and discounts on many leisure destinations
  • Available as a single ticket or group ticket for up to five persons
  • Is valid on two consecutive days for a random number of rides in the RMV area

Fares info

Link-up ticket




Use of 1st class


Transitional tariff


Call and collect taxi (AST), Express bus etc.

Yes, to some extent with supplement (1 supplement per person and journey)

Use of IC


Available via RMVgo


  • The RheinMainCard is valid in the RMV area for a random number of rides on two consecutive days from the date indicated until the close of operations on the second day. 
  • The date of validity and the names of the users (not more than five names) are indicated by sales staff upon purchase of the ticket. The card is only valid if all persons indicated on the card can show an official photo ID.
  • The card is not valid in the transitional fare zones.
  • It is valid for the 2nd class on regional and S-Bahn trains, on buses, trams, the underground and also on night buses and express bus lines as well as for shared taxis (AST) and regular taxis (ALT). If a special surcharge applies for them, it has to be paid for each person and each ride. The RheinMainCard is not valid for long-distance trains operated by Deutsche Bahn AG (Intercity, Eurocity or Intercity Express).
  • Bikes can be taken on board for free and this is subject to the respective conditions of transport.


The RheinMainCard costs 34.00 Euro for each person and 55.00 Euro for groups up to five persons.

Sale: on-site and online

You can receive the RheinMainCard as a paper card or in cheque card size at many sales points in the RMV area (only in German). 

You can order the RheinMainCard directly on the internet and print it at home as Print@Home.


Our common conditions of carriage (only in German) and fare regulations (only in German) apply.