Further information on tickets

Here you can find further detailed information – from connecting travel tickets and ticket prices for travelling to neighbouring transport zones, special local ticket offers and supplement tickets (e.g. for 1st class).

RMV Price list 2021/22

RMV price list, valid from 1.1.2022
Leaflet, as of: November 2021

Carriage of bicycles

Woman and a young girl with bikes on the platform next to a red train with opened doors

© RMV/Paul Müller

Why not combine your bicycle tour with a bus or train ride as taking your bicycle with you is free in all RMV vehicles.

Carriage of bicycles

Additional person on frequent travel tickets

Young woman and a young girl are looking out of a train window

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RMV weekly and monthly tickets as well as the RMV annual subscription for adults allow further people to travel with you for free in the evenings, on bank holidays and at weekends.

Additional person on frequent travel ticket

Supplement tickets

A supplement ticket is required for the 1st class of the RMV rail as well as other offers which are subject to an extra charge.

Supplement ticket

Return of RMV tickets

Different types of RMV tickets can be returned - regardless of claims from legal rights or voluntary guarantees.

Return of RMV tickets

Transportation of objects and animals