BahnCard 100

Black check card with red stripe and photo of the owner, on it the inscription "BahnCard 100"

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  • Valid for all RMV services in various fare zones
  • For as many journeys as required

Fares info

Onward travel ticket


Holder may be accompanied by other persons

Family-child regulations only apply for the DB-Tariff and not for the +City offer



Use for First Class travel

Yes, when ticket covers First Class travel; otherwise only when using a CityTicket with 1 supplement per journey 

Cross-network fare


Dial-a-ride taxi service (AST), express bus, etc.

Yes, when using a CityTicket, in some cases with a supplement (1 supplement per person per journey)

Use of IC service

Yes, based on DB fares

  • Holders of a BahnCard 100 can use all RMV modes of transport for as many journeys as required in the following fare zones:
    • Bad Homburg: Fare zone 5101
    • Darmstadt: Fare zones 4001 (Darmstadt Mitte), 4035 (Darmstadt-Arheilgen) and 4045 (Darmstadt-Eberstadt)
    • Frankfurt/Main: Fare zone 5000 excl. airport
    • Fulda: Fare zone 2001
    • Gießen: Fare zone 1501
    • Hanau: Fare zone 3001
    • Mainz: Fare zone 6500 (excl. Bischofsheim, Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, Wackernheim, Walluf, Wiesbaden und Zornheim)
    • Marburg: Fare zones 0501, 0540, 0546, 0555, 0558, 0588
    • Offenbach: Fare zone 3601
    • Wiesbaden: Fare zone 6500 (excl. Bischofsheim, Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, Mainz, Wackernheim, Walluf und Zornheim)
  • It is valid for wider use than the CityTicket on all rail services in the RMV network except for underground and tram services – but on all RMV modes of transport within CityTicket fare zones.

Sales outlets

  • The BahnCard 100 is available from DB.


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