Carriage of bicycles

General conditions

  • As a rule, bicycles, e-scooter and co. are carried free of charge on RMV services.
  • Passengers have no entitlement to take their bikes with them onto the service.
  • Wheelchair users and passengers with pushchairs always have priority.
  • (Electrically operated) scooters are treated like bicycles.
  • Transport companies can limit cycle carriage to specific times or exclude cycle carriage from specific trains and buses.
  • Folded up, folding bikes and scooters are considered to be a piece of luggage and may be carried along in buses and trains with no time limitation.
  • The different types of vehicle lend themselves to the carriage of bicycles to different degrees.
  • When boarding, please be guided by the cycle pictograms which indicate the doors for entry where there is suitable storage space.
  • If all parking spaces in the vehicles are occupied, foldable bicycles or pedal scooters must be folded up.
  • Rechargeable batteries may not be removed from the vehicle, charged or used in any other way (e.g. as a power bank) during transport on public transport.
  • Passengers are obliged to inform themselves about the transport company's currently valid conditions of carriage for bicycles and scooters before starting their journey.
  • The road traffic regulations or the respective house rules of the site owner apply to the access routes to the public transport vehicles.
  • When there is pressure on capacity and other conflicts of interest, the staff will decide whether cycles can be carried.
  • The general conditions for the carriage of non-folding bicycles on RMV and the common conditions of carriage and fare regulations apply.

Special conditions

You can carry bicycles on city buses in Frankfurt all day on Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays and during the Hessian school holidays. Unfortunately, bicycles cannot be taken along on Mondays to Fridays during the rush hours from 6.00-8.30 and from 16.00-18.30. On routes 25, 57, 81, 82 and 83 and on routes 24, 60 and 69 at certain times between Heddernheim and Alt-Eschersheim, there are minibuses that do not accommodate bicycles.

Bicycles can be taken on underground trains and trams all day, provided there is enough space.

Information on vehicles and stops

Storage of cycles in the vehicle

  • Double-decker trains: Belts for firmly securing the wheels are available in the multi-purpose compartments next to the fold-up seats.
  • S-Bahn services: Please be guided by the cycle pictograms which indicate the doors for entry where there is suitable storage space.
  • Buses and trains without a multi-purpose space: On these services, cycles may be carried only as an exception.

Further information

Find out the best way to access the platform and train with your bicycle from our information on vehicles, stations and stops. This information is available at Networks.