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RMV TicketShop in new look

Screenshot of the new RMV-Ticketshop


Welcome to our RMV TicketShop in a new look: a tidy and modern design - and unlike anything you previously knew.

The new RMV TicketShop

Responsive design. Optimal use on all four types of user devices: PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Ticket range presented more clearly. New gateway via the ticket type: Weekly, monthly, yearly subscription or school student/senior ticket for Hesse

It is possible to order the school student and senior citizen ticket for Hesse - without having to input the starting point and destination point. Only the validity period of the subscription is relevant.

Clear depiction of all subscription tickets that can be ordered online. Filter function for annual season tickets with a subscription: personal or transferable, payment in instalments (1 x / 12 x)

The stored proof of age (on the smart card) is taken into account when offering tickets and is offered directly with the tickets by default.

Buy tickets online anytime, anywhere

The RMV-TicketShop guarantees you easy, round-the-clock access to your tickets. Payments can be made conveniently by SEPA Basic Direct Debit or with your Visa or MasterCard credit card.

Weekly and monthly tickets for adults, school students and trainees as well as annual tickets for journeys within the RMV network area are available as electronic tickets on the eTicket RheinMain platform. If your ticket is valid in a transition tariff zone, you will receive a paper ticket.

Available only in german: Explanatory film about the RMV TicketShop

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