Wiesbaden: Nightliner

Bus in the dark stopping at a bus stop in front of a station building

© RTV / Jürgen Lerch

In Hesse's state capital Wiesbaden, the Nightliner buses will get you to your destination until late at night.

Questions and answers on the Nightliner buses

On which days do the Nightliners operate?

  • On weekends – in the nights of Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday.
  • Also, on the nights before bank holidays in Hesse (regardless of which weekday the bank holidays is).

At what times do the Nightliners operate?

  • Most lines operate from midnight to ca. 5.00 a.m. The main interchange bus station is "Platz der Deutschen Einheit" (excluding route N10). The final departure of the buses from here is at 3.30 a.m.

Where do the Nightliners travel to?

  • Line N2: Platz der Deutschen Einheit - Erbenheim - Nordenstadt - Wallau - Delkenheim
  • Line N3: Platz der Deutschen Einheit - Hauptbahnhof - Biebrich - Parkfeld - Schierstein
  • Line N4: Dernsches Gelände - Platz der Deutschen Einheit - Dotzheim - Schelmengraben - August-Bebel-Straße - Frauenstein
  • Line N5: Hauptbahnhof - Platz der Deutschen Einheit - Dürerplatz - Klarenthal - Kohlheck
  • Line N7: Platz der Deutschen Einheit - Hauptbahnhof - Südfriedhof - Erbenheim - Domäne Mechtildshausen - Kastel - Kostheim
  • Line N9: Dernsches Gelände - Platz der Deutschen Einheit - Waldstraße - Gräselberg - Schierstein
  • Line N10: Schlachthof - Gartenfeldstraße - Hauptbahnhof - Sonnenberg - Rambach - Naurod - Auringen - Medenbach
  • Line N11: Platz der Deutschen Einheit - Bierstadt - Heßloch - Kloppenheim - Igstadt - Breckenheim
  • Line N12: Dernsches Gelände - Platz der Deutschen Einheit - Loreleiring - Europaviertel - Sauerland - Dotzheim - Schierstein
  • Line N13: Hauptbahnhof - Platz der Deutdschen Einheit - Hauptbahnhof
  • Line: Wiesbaden Nordfriedhof - Platz der deutschen Einheit - Mainz Hauptbahnhof

Which tickets are valid on the Nightliners?


  • A return journey heading towards Wiesbaden city centre with lines N2 to N12 is available upon advance booking. This can be made up to 15 minutes before arrival of the buses at the terminal stop. Call: (0611) 450 22 450.
  • Some Nightliner stops are only served upon request. When you get on the bus, please tell the driver where you want to get off.
  • At the stop Berliner Straße, bus platform D, you can switch between lines N2 and N7 heading out of town.
  • All night bus journeys are listed in the Routes enquiry.


  • If you have any questions on the Nightliner buses, please contact the RMV hotline.