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You can download here our information in English.

Information for passengers

The most important facts for travelling in buses and trains in the RMV area can be found in the following brochures in German and English.
As on: February 2019

Airport transfer

Titelseite Broschüre Flughafentransfer

All RMV train connections to and from the Frankfurt Airport.

Brochure, As on: December 2021

"Enjoy the Ride!" Pocket Guide to Local Public Transport in the Rhine-Main Area

Titelseite der Pocket Guide "Enjoy the Ride"


The handbook for using public transport in the Rhine-Main-Area helps in moving around in buses and trains, even with no knowledge of German. How does one plan the journey? Which ticket is the correct one, how do I ask for directions and much more can be found here.

RMV Frankfurt Buses and trains for guests

City map, network, tickets
November 2023


Brochure, as of: March 2019

RMV-JobTicket Basis

Brochure, as of: July 2021

RMV-JobTicket Basisplus

Brochure, as of: July 2021

RMV-JobTicket Premium

Brochure, as of: July 2021