Express buses

Express bus


In addition to the rail connections of S-Bahn and regional trains, the RMV also offers attractive connections with short journey times and direct routes in the Rhine-Main region with its express bus lines.

The express buses are easy to recognize from the outside thanks to the eye-catching vehicle stickers, each with large "X" letters, and have modern equipment and additionally WiFi. The vehicles in the RMV area are equipped with routers and signal amplifiers. The WiFi works without registration: passengers simply activate WiFi reception on their smartphone, select “WLAN@RMV” as the network, access any website and accept the terms of use.

In the RMV area, express bus lines are a quick and convenient supplement to the train. Some of them lead like a ring around Frankfurt and radiate far into the region. Others transfer the concept to the region. They are supplemented by local express buses in Frankfurt.

With the express buses, the RMV also offers passengers an attractive offer where the train does not run directly.

  • X53: Airport Terminal 1 –  Zeilsheim – Höchst Bf – Höchst Bolongaropalast
  • X58: Höchst Bahnhof – Airport Terminal 1
  • X61: Südbahnhof – Gateway Gardens Nord – Airport Terminal 1
  • X77: Südbahnhof – Gateway Gardens – CargoCity Süd

RMV express bus lines network map

All express bus lines in the greater Frankfurt RheinMain area.