Buying tickets in the bus

Ideally, you should purchase your ticket via the RMVgo, at the RMV ticket machines or in one of our RMV Sales offices. But, you will also get a small selection of our range of tickets from the driving staff in the bus.

Our driving staff can directly provide you with single fare and short distance tickets. The range of sale usually also includes Connecting tickets, Day tickets, Group day tickets and Hesse ticket.

Please enter from the first door, have the correct amount of money ready as far as possible and also immediately check the money returned. Please make sure that the driving staff has correctly printed the ticket you want. Subsequent complaints for change or tickets are unfortunately not possible.

Kindly note: The driving staff is not obliged to return change for notes above 20.00 Euro and to accept one or two cent coins amounting to more than 0.10 Euro. If the staff does not have change, the passenger gets a receipt and can have the remaining money reimbursed.

On buses and trams of Mainzer Mobilität as well as on buses of ESWE Verkehr, tickets are only available cashless.

Our common conditions of carriage (only in German) and fare regulations (only in German) apply.